The CS team is pumped that our print books are now shipping on amazon and to your favorite local bookstores! Digital versions (kindle, iBooks, Nook, Smashwords) and audiobook versions are coming soon.

China Simplified: History Flashback has taken us five years to conceive, research, and create. Our original goal was to create a entertaining yet insightful journey (under 200 pages) through 5,000 years of Chinese history and culture. The final print version weighs in at only 183 pages, with plenty of illustrations by our talented designer Yang Kanzhen. This lighthearted read will help you make sense of the traditional yet modern enigma that is today’s China.

China Simplified: Language Empowerment explores the Mandarin language as a window into the culture, to demystify China and its people. Originally released as a digital book under the title China Simplified: Language Gymnastics, this revised and reissued collection of stories shows you how to become a more effective Mandarin speaker while having huge fun along the way.

If you buy the book, don’t forget to leave us an honest comment online, even if it’s a grumpy one. (But we think you’ll like it.)

Special thanks to John Pasden of AllSet Learning for the cool pic!