Our Big Bang

The journey began with a series of questions we couldn’t answer: Why do so many people seem to know so little about China? What is it about China that intrigues us, and captures our imaginations? And, with all that’s been written and said about it, why is China still so misperceived and misunderstood? This was the genesis of the China Simplified project.

China Simplified explores and demystifies the country and its people for the rest of the world. By shifting our collective attention beyond the 1% (hot-button issues in the mass media) to the other 99% (relevant conversations about history, language, business, and more), we hope to raise cultural awareness and increase mutual understanding.

“It is not a daily increase, but a daily decrease.
Hack away at the inessentials.”

− Bruce Lee 李小龙

Behind The Scenes

Team Simplified

China Simplified: Stewart Lee Beck

Stewart Lee Beck

Managing Dreamer

Stew has conducted business in China since the early 1990s and finds its people and culture endlessly fascinating.

China Simplified: Sun Zhumin

Sun Zhumin


Zhumin is a producer with Grassroots Productions who enjoys sharing the many compelling tales of Chinese history and culture.

China Simplified: Yang Kanzhen

Yang Kanzhen

Visual Designer

Kanzhen is an elder twin and veteran graphic designer with a talent for simplifying the complicated and complicating the simple.

China Simplified: Chua Li Wei

Chua Liwei

Content Development

Li Wei specializes in platform development and social media. She loves shoes and hates butterflies.

China Simplified: Zhang Jiayi

Zhang Jiayi


Jiayi is an acclaimed director with an affection for the diverse culinary flavors of his native Sichuan province.

China Simplified: Katie Lu

Katie Lu

Language Professional

Katie runs PITT Services, a translation and language training company, teaching hundreds of foreigners to speak Mandarin.

What China Insiders Are Saying

  • “China Simplified does an excellent job demystifying what can often feel like an impenetrable place.”

    Dan Washburn

    Chief Content Officer, Asia Society
  • “I love China Simplified. What I would have given for this no-nonsense, elegantly simple advice on China when I was there.”

    Louise Ardagh

    General Manager Business Development Retail at Bankwest
  • “China Simplified takes seemingly intimidating and incomprehensible pieces of Chinese culture and makes them easy and fun.”

    Joe Tatelbaum

    former Vice President Li & Fung, China resident since 1982
  • “China Simplified is by no means a dumbing-down of China, it is a delightfully insightful speeding up of a topic everyone should know something about.”

    Andrew Ballen

    CEO/Founder at AVD Digital Media
  • “China Simplified is funny, informative and provides insights on a diverse range of topics on the Chinese language, history, culture and much more!”

    Ashley Ng

    Manager, Asia strategy, Brisbane Marketing
  • “China Simplified makes people feel like an Old China Hand in a flash!”

    Rudi Messner

    CEO, Cedar Essentials

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