Almost 20% of our planet is Chinese, yet many of the other 80% have little understanding about them. That’s what prompted us to create China Simplified: Language Empowerment, a book intended to get others up to speed fast on China and its people using language as a springboard into culture.

Here’s why we’re excited to share it with you:

1. Demystifying China

You’ve been waiting forever for an enjoyable, fast-read book on China to come along and simplify the country and its people. Let us untangle the noodles for you!

2. No learning required

Our goal isn’t teaching you Mandarin. Instead we explore Chinese and show how language is an ideal window into the culture. For those so inspired to study, we’ll show how getting started is much easier than you think.

3. Discover hidden meanings

Spoken Chinese contains plenty of delicious ambiguities, intriguing superstitions and charming idiomatic expressions. Gain insight into the subtleties of the language.

4. East/West collaboration

Chinese teacher Katie Lu and her struggling, long-time student Stewart Lee Beck join forces to share stories along the road to Chinese language nirvana. Trust us, if Stew can become a decent Mandarin speaker, anyone can.

5. Environmentally friendly

No trees were harmed in the creation of this digital content. No trees were hugged either, but that’s beside the point.

6. The ideal gift

Nieces or nephews learning Chinese? Grandparents interested in China? Birthdays fast approaching? Put a smile on someone’s face with our Play it Forward promotion — you buy the e-book, give us a comment and we deliver free audiobooks to you AND a friend.

7.  Available now

Download your e-book or audiobook in seconds from Amazon, iBooks, Smashwords, Scribd, iTunes or Audible. Click here for more info and read what others are saying!

7.5…because you like us.

(we hope you like the book too)