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The Birth of Modern China

The Birth of Modern China

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The scene: Tiananmen Square. Three thousand Beijing students shout accusations and patriotic slogans at their backward government. They demand action. China’s brightest young minds are saying, “We’re not going to take it anymore.”

Activate Your Mobile Chinese Language Learning

Activate Your Mobile Chinese Language Learning

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How can you continuously improve your Chinese skills with a full-time career and a busy travel schedule? This article identifies five key benefits you could realize from a mobile Chinese language learning platform.

100 Chinese History Keywords to widen your vocabulary

100 Chinese History Keywords to Widen Your Vocabulary

| History, Language | One Comment

Here’s your chance to get more out of our new book History Flashback, and at the same time, improve your Chinese vocabulary.

I wish a book like this existed when I moved to China.

Dan WashburnChief Content Officer, Asia Society

Those who want to understand China can now do it with ease.

Jesse WuInternational Vice President, Johnson & Johnson

This book should be required reading for every foreigner before getting on plane to China.

Miao Junformer HR Director, Asia Pacific, Milliken, Inc.

Both informative and fun; a masterstroke!

Bruno LannesPartner at a well-known consulting company in China

Chinese Language

China Simplified: Will We All Be Speaking Chinese In The Future?

Will We All Be Speaking Chinese In The Future?

Yes, learning characters and mastering tones is a major challenge. That said, it’s far too early to discount the future potential of Mandarin.

China Simplified: Chinese Idioms About Relationships

Living Happily Ever After Through Chinese Idioms

Can anyone love someone forever? Or does selfish human nature eventually reassert itself? Either way, we’ve got you covered in this week’s post exploring relationships through Chinese chéngyǔ (idioms).

China Simplified: Never Use The F-Word

Never Use The F-Word

No, not that F-word. The claim of being ‘fluent’ in Chinese. Here are 3 Key Milestones to know when you’re nearly there.

History Flashback
China Simplified’s new book in 90 seconds

Check out this video sneak preview of our new book China Simplified: History Flashback. Click here for cast, crew and script.


Gross Emergency
Chinese Language Speaking Ambiguities

The China Simplified team plays around with possible misunderstandings of the common Chinese term 应该没问题 yīnggāi méiwèntí meaning “should be no problem.” This ambiguous term can be interpreted in a variety of ways depending on how its pronounced.

Click for an explanation.

3 Terrible Gifts in China
Chinese Language & Cultural Superstitions

The China Simplified team explores Chinese gifting taboos and the tragic (albeit slightly exaggerated) consequences of a guy giving his combustible girlfriend the wrong presents.

Click for an explanation.

Killing The Panda
Mandarin Chinese Tone Mistakes

The China Simplified team acts out a short comedy showing what might happen if you use the wrong tones for the word xíongmāo (panda).

Click for an explanation.

Leaving Home For Good
Mandarin Chinese Speaking Mistakes

The China Simplified team plays with the story of a foreigner messing up the phrase “let’s go out” with surreal consequences.

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The Mercedes Bends 
Chinese Lucky Numbers & Superstitions

The China Simplified team shows what can happen when a naive foreigner turns what should be a “big face” gift into a complete disaster.

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Chinese History

China Simplified: Chinese Eunuchs of China

Chinese Eunuchs – How They Became “Unnatural Men”

The excruciating surgery featured in this post falls outside “normal” medical procedures. Yet it’s far from rare. China’s Ming Dynasty alone produced over 100,000 eunuchs!

China Simplified: The Foreigner Who Most Influenced China

The Foreigner Who Most Influenced China

Karl Marx? Marco Polo? Kublai Khan? Bill Gates? The list is endless. But if you think about it, one man’s legacy has by far had the biggest and longest lasting impact on the Middle Kingdom.

China Simplified: Kongzi 孔子 (Confucius) Self-Help Guru

Kongzi 孔子 (Confucius) Self-Help Guru

China’s Zi Crew personified the Hundred Schools of Thought (诸子百家, zhūzǐ bǎijiā) era of fertile intellectual expansion.

Chinese Business

Chinese Dinner Etiquette Part 1

Chinese Dinner Etiquette – 4 Key Insights for Foreign Guests

Where should I sit? Who starts eating first?
Which part of the fish is considered the best?
How can I show respect when toasting with others?
Let us help you make sense of it all.

China Simplified: Chinese legal system

8 Misconceptions about the Chinese Legal System

With so much China misinformation floating around out there, we decided to consult some legal experts and clarify things for our readers. Beware: some of these misconceptions might surprise you!

China Simplified: Maximizing Creativity in New China

Maximizing Creativity in the New China – 3 Key Insights and 7 Action Steps

A mix of generations and cultures in today’s China makes creative endeavors such as team brainstorming all the more interesting.

Chinese Culture

China Simplified: Finding Yin Yang Balance In Your Food Choices

Finding Yin Yang Balance In Your Food Choices

Duck is cooling, chicken is heaty. Green tea is cooling, black tea is heaty. Crabs are cooling, shrimp are heaty. What’s a hungry human to do?

China Simplified: Foot reflexology

Fall in love with your feet! Healing through foot massage, acupressure and reflexology

Chinese isn’t the only culture that believes in healing through foot manipulation. Similar practices have been found among ancient Egyptians, Native Americans and Australian aborigines.

A Daoist Master on Conflict Resolution

The Daoist/Taoist philosophers were known for their unforced approach to life, serving as a welcome relief to stultifying Confucian perfectionism.